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Sumo - The Danceband/Unlove Me (feat. Aaron Phiri)


The Danceband/Unlove Me (feat. Aaron Phiri)

Heya Hifi

Released: 24th May 2006 | 2 track house ep

Here is the third release taken from Sumo's album The Danceband, which also is the name of the A-side track. Just like the Swedish folk music fenomena Dansband, this gem is all about making people move their frozen butt.

Having said that, Sumo wanted to make a track tributing the classic House sound and its jackin' followers. Combo had an idea about building the song around a disco sample just like in the good old days. The only problem was that they don't like stealing stuff. So in a true Sumo spirit they recorded their own. As ice on the caking they asked smooth talker Aaron Phiri from the praised hip hop duo Hearin' Aid to deliver some words on the topic. Comparing the dance floor to a jail, it's all about shakin' bars and jackin'. Word.

For Unlove Me Alf needed a rest from the straight 4/4 beat. After having spent one afternoon recording door slams he ended up with an infectious groove in which Combo filled the gaps with a really quirky bass, before once again turning to Aaron for his vocal services. This time he added harmonies to the words showing off his more soulful side.

Together with the two previous singles from the The Danceband, this release clearly displays Sumo's curiousness and playfulness, blending sounds and genres like a DJ on speed. But if you think you have heard it all, you should definitely check out the Sumo-album. There is still more to come!

"Unlove Me' is total dirt!!"
Richard Earnshaw
"Like the DANCEBAND tune ! nice old school flavour, block party and all that."
Michael Rütten, Soulpatrol
"Love both joints guys. Really impressed by how you guys are rolling out great record after record. Big support from me."
Oli Lazarus, Papa Records
"I Like it very much! These tracks will rock the dance floor this warm up to summer!! Both songs are very good! Full support guys!!"
Dj Pippi