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Sumo - Lovebeat (feat. Clarisse Muvemba)


Lovebeat (feat. Clarisse Muvemba)

Heya Hifi

Released: 11th December 2006 | 4 track house single

When Sumo played this song to us for the first time we were totally blown away by the vocals of Clarisse Muvemba. We were aware of Sumo's skills from their previous work, but combined with Mrs. Muvemba in the song booth the outcome was simply amazing. The common denominator – an unpolished musical attitude with a touch of jazz – seemed so perfectly matched that we decided to do two things. First, give this release a proper remix for every dj of class. Second, do our very best for a future co-op.

With this record we have fulfilled mission number one. We asked the much appreciated eclectic duo Innocent Sorcerers to do whatever they felt was right with this song, and their 'Off Beat' remix is exactly what we didn't know we wanted – a broken piano-groover with plenty of soulful humour.

Second call was Karizma, a producer with a sound that has captivated the whole spectra of house-lovers for years. A remixer with seriously sensible ears. We didn't even have to ask before he replied 'I'll do dub, that's ok?' While listening to his 'Darq Dub' you'll know exactly what we're trying to say.

The last mix is by Sumo themselves, adding their own meaty dub. This one goes deeper than the roots of the holy oaks in France. Think Afro. Think disco. Somewhere in space.

"I do like this one, particularly the jazz mix (Innocent Sorcerers)."
Dimitri From Paris
"Like the Lovebeat! It’s in my chart that was sent today. I will include it in my radio show and online mix. Respect."
Martin Solveig
"Beautiful song. The remixes are quality, however the original rocks! I’ll chart this one."
"I like it!"
Danny Krivit
"I played Lovebeat dub in St Louis, and I played both the dub and Karizma dub in San Francisco. The crowd went nuts. Excellent track from Sumo, and I'm gonna be banging this for a while."
Jojo Flores
"I am a huge fan of this track. Still love the original and the Sumo Dub the most, heavy..."
Basic Soul Unit
"Really like the Karizma K2 dub very much, also Innocent Sorcerers mix , but Karizma is my fave here. Yo me play dat !!"
Michael Reinboth
"I am a huge fan of this track. Still love the original and the Sumo Dub the most, heavy...."
Rainer Trüby