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Sumo - That's Erotic/Gravity (feat. Ayesha)


That's Erotic/Gravity (feat. Ayesha)

Heya Hifi

Released: 9th April 2007 | 4 track house ep

Sumo continue their search for the ultimate A-groove, and team up with Ayesha for some serious dirtiness. The beats are taken back in time, and down in tempo. The emotions are more red than blue, and the story of the project is probably best described by a quote from one of the songs:

Every day I´ll cater to u in a new way

Follow the rose pedals, and find me

Tickle me with feathers, blindfold me

Rub me down in that chocolate mint oil

I´m in an erotic, hypnotic spoil

Tantralize, that's the intention

Push an pull 'til I hear u mention

My kitty cat purr just released the tension

(That's Erotic)

We're excited to have Sumo back with new hotness. Mixing raw samples, and fluffy pads with their unmistakable sweet sounding rhythms make us smile. Or like Ayesha would have said: This is how we follow the dreamers rule.

"Wow!! Absolutely Wicked! Gravity!!!!! Full Support!"
Knee Deep
"Really into the new stuff. It's got a lot of soul. Great drums and a wicked groove."
Faze Action
"I digg Gravity very much!!!"
Neil Aline
"Hellfire on plastic once again, more rumpus music mania from the excellent Heya Hifi and SUMO posse, another automatic “in the box”, 9/10’."
Alan Brown
"Gravity is fat. Can't wait to play it out."
Mad Mats