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Sumo - That's Erotic/Gravity - Remixed (feat. Ayesha)


That's Erotic/Gravity - Remixed (feat. Ayesha)

Heya Hifi

Released: 7th May 2007 | 3 track house ep

On previous release, Sumo, together with Ayesha as hostess, explored the dirtiness of Disco. As you all know, they came up with some true filth. Now the dirty business continues with no more than three bad ass remixes.

The first call was for Simbad – the mad man with many disguises (Marathon Men, Mowgly, Twitch). After only two days he delivered a bumpy house-garage-bruk-styled space-monster version of the song called Gravity. Air under his feet? Most definitely. Dirt under his nails? No doubt.

For the slow and sexy That's Erotic, some booty was desired. Detroit's own ghetto-tech-hero Dj Assault (Ass 'n' Titties, Yo' Family) was the obvious first choice. Mr. Assault, aka Craig Diamonds, promised a playful booty-funker in his typical bouncy ghetto style. No fans will be disappointed.

Last, it has also come to our knowledge that Bangana made a bootleg version of Gravity without telling us (and without getting paid).

"Bangana Remix... You beat this bitch down! This is a definite for me"
Tedd Patterson
"The Simbad one is BAAD!! He twists that one around like a mean mo'fo. Lookin' forward to playing on the shows!"
Paul Gamblin, Heavy Mannas
"Surprisingly, the DJ Assault mix was my favorite, and the one i least expected to like. The others are cool, but have nothing on the original versions."
"I like the Simbad instrumental. Dirty & raw broken house bizniz."
Basic Soul Unit
"The last promos with the Bangana and Simbad mixes are really cool, will definitely give them some support."
Rainer Trüby