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Clarisse Muvemba - Roses

Clarisse Muvemba


Heya Hifi

Released: 4th June 2007 | 3 track house ep

Guess it all started back in October 2006, at 30 000 feet up in the air. Alf, Combo and Clarisse were sitting on a flight back to Stockholm after a live show together in Milano. Alf was slumbering off and Clarisse was listening to a Nancy Wilson album on her i-pod when Combo, as he quite often does, uttered a half complete sentence:

- I wonder what it would sound like...

(No reply).

He removed Clarisse's head phones.

- I wonder what it would sound like. You. Just you, on a record.

Clarisse looked back at him with a very focused look on her face:

- Jazz. It would have to be jazz. Not Neo-Soul, Afro or anything like that. Just plain Jazz.


Alf turned around but still with his eyes closed:

- With quirky sounds and restrained beats. And no solos…

Clarisse smiled:

- We'll see about that.


This first single with solo artist Clarisse Muvemba contains two songs, and a remix by fellows Bangana. The original versions are (as you might figure from the story above), a sweet and salty mix of electronic sounds and true organic, jazzy flavours. The close up of Muvemba's naked voice glues it together superbly.

Roses is a 6/8-flirt with big choirs and floating, analog bubbles. The more clubby and minimal Bangana remix uses the bubbly rhythms in a different way, making it suitable for early mornings. B-sided Time Is Now adds an even more suggestive tone. The dark voices reminds us of a walking mourning ceremony. It might sound deep and hopeless, but the true message is the very opposite. Clarisse Muvemba gives us hope, no doubt.

"Fucking amazing this song!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna rip it apart at my gigs...GRACIAS"
"Lovely! It’s all about the Roses for me. Haunting, dark, cinematic and beautiful. Love the bubbly synths, reversed pads, panned claps and powerful vocals. Rather than early mornings I’d save the remix for a rainy night driving my imaginary Lamborghini Diablo on a deserted Nordic highway..."
"Thanks so much for sending me this. Sounds great. I’m into Bangana. Nice work gentlemen!"
Paul Woolford
"Really nice mix, drum is rollin with kind of nice arpeggio, quite deep atmosphere !! Will play it for sure."
Franck Roger
"Fantastic Production !! I love all mixes. Bangana turned it in really Groovy Floor Track !! Congratulations on this release 9/10"