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Florian Kruse - Thoughts

Florian Kruse


Heya Hifi

Released: 3rd September 2007 | 3 track house ep

Mr Florian Kruse makes music for several reasons. Not only because he's Vincenzo's little brother, or the fact that he's been fed with electronic music since he could crawl. No, Florian has a need to be creative. A need to explore sounds. When he produced the title track Thoughts, together with his friend Ciro Vesuviano, he felt that he wanted to use a large palette of techy sounds but still make the outcome sound warm and minimalistic. As you can hear he most definitely succeeded with the task.

Inspired by his brother and other producers like Hot Toddy and Schmoov, Florian came up with the clean but dirty disco-sounding B-side Let Us Say Yeah. If you listen carefully you will hear small, interesting alterations of the sounds during the whole song. If you don't, it probably means that you are dancing, which after all is to be preferred.

The second track on the same side is simply called Can I Have It?. The credits for this should-have-been-put-on-the-A-side-track goes to Florian's girlfriend who refused to let him go to bed alone. To keep awake, while she was studying, he made this song – like a tribute to the sleepless as well as a nutrition theme to the clubbers. Bravo!

We are happy to present a new Heya-artist, holding both talent and character. This is what makes our world go round.

"I totally love the Can I Have It? Will massively play this."
"Really dig your new release! Mainly Thoughts. It will be in my radio show and in my flight case for all summer."
Claude Monnet
"Let us say yeah” is a perfect warm up track for us and “Thoughts” is on the spot for our late night runnings. Thanks for the music as always guys, will be supporting on the radio big tim"
Justin Crawford, Unabombers
"I'm loving the CAN I HAVE IT cut."
Neil Aline
"AWESOME!!! Can I have it? and Thoughts worked HYPNOTICALLY well for me in my Deep set outdoor!"
Pierre Ravan