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Bangana - Transce EP


Transce EP

Heya Hifi

Released: 28th April 2009 | 3 track deep house ep

Big relief. Our favourite constellation Bangana (also known as Sumo) have finally gotten their things together and delivered the most longed-for EP in Heya-history. The last six months we've been answering hundreds of emails asking what's up with those Swedes man? only pop music these days?.

We've seriously been thinking of re-releasing their last single Dead End as a cosmic disco workout with the tempo slowed down and with another title. Luckily a cd marked Transce bumped down in the mail box just before the situation got out of hand. After 30 seconds of listening we booked a slot at the masterplant. Bangana was back onboard the mothership! Just in time to save the world from more meaningless music.

Unpredictable, fresh smelling, and most definitely long awaited.

"Excellent EP this one! Will be playing Transcendental but both other tracks are on the button too."
"Three Instant Classics. Perfect for the club, mix shows and just anytime listening. Im happy to hear new Bangana."
"Transcendental is great. The Morphar also. The Shuffle is a Killa. Will play this great 12"
Peter Kruder
"The whole package is pure drama deep techno at it's finest expression. Congrats."
Lorenzo Rumi
"Thanks for good music always. Feeling jazzy rhythm meets space. Play in clubs and radio!!"
Toshio Matsuura, UFO