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Alf Tumble - Pendolino EP

Alf Tumble

Pendolino EP

Heya Hifi

Released: 24th February 2010 | 4 track house ep

There's something fascinating about trains, says Alf Tumble (one half of Bangana). If you listen closely you can hear rhythms och sound patterns from a moving train similar to beats and bass lines. Monotonous and moving but not totally quantised. Like disco in a way.

Alf's favourite train is the early tilting, Italian model called Pendolino. A high speed train that require special tracks to run on to allow higher speeds than on the normal curved track by tilting the passenger compartment of the train a few degrees. The first active tilting system was introduced in Great Britain in 1970s but the initial experiment failed: seasickness was the result. When the Italians bought the active tilting technology it started successful runs in 1975 and later became one of the most popular trains among ordinary people. Like disco in a way.

Another train inspiration of Alf's is found on the flip side. The American classic Southern Belle – a passenger train from the 1940s running between Kansas City & New Orleans. To promote the new train Kansas City Railway held a beauty contest to find Miss Southern Belle - a young woman whose image would be used in advertising materials systemwide. Recently the train was re-constructed as a full scale model with modern colours (but without the girl) to catch the attention of young people. Just like disco, in a way.

Enjoy the ride!

"great to see that Heya is back. Southern bell is my favourite. dope stuff, once again!"
"hey, great tunes. Love the Discoey vibe. will play with pleasure. Pendolino is my fave."
Christian Prommer
"Great Cosmic Disco EP. Both tracks are very funky, but my favourite is Southern Belle. I'm more into the dub versions."
"I'm really feeling Pendolino. Really nice Disco vibe!"
Claude Monnet
"both tracks are very good, will work them for sure."
Neil Aline