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Combo - Amazone EP


Amazone EP

Heya Hifi

Released: 4th April 2010 | 5 track deep house ep

While in the studio it's all about being in the Zone. For Combo it is the Amazone. Just like the Amazonas or like an Amazon, it is something beautiful but at same time mysterious and a bit frightening. It is important that you never loose control over all the buttons, levers and gauges, or the outcome will be ugly instead of pretty. The title song of this EP is Combo's homage to his Amazone.

Golden Star is simply a tribute to Heya Studios and also the name of the street where they are located.

"Luv it ! dis is dffrnt, especially Amazone, oldskool feel all da way thru, playin it dis w.end, chartin too, reeeeeeeeeespect yo"
"Very nice production, love the tech edge. Golden Star- both mixes gets the big 5/5"
"yes , i like Golden Star , cooly tune, def support, will play this radio and club...the others are okay , too but Golden Star is my fave"
Michael Reinboth
"I totally dig both tracks, will give them all my support."
Rainer Trueby
"Sick. Love it!"
Grant Nelson