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Paaniq - Heads in the Ditch EP


Heads in the Ditch EP

Heya Hifi

Released: 11th June 2012 | 6 track nu-disco ep

Debut release from new Swedish indie/dance/electronica production duo

Heads In The Ditch EP

By: Paaniq

Global Release Date:

June 11th 2012

Stream / Share: 'Director's Greatest Speech' Single Version:

Track list: 1: Dictator's Greatest Speech - Single Version. 2: Chuck Norris - Single Version.

3: Dictator's Greatest Speech – Original Mix. 4: Chuck Norris – Original Mix.

5: No More Lies – Original Mix. 6: Got Soul – Original Mix

Heads in The Ditch is the debut musical offering from Stockholm based production duo / DJ tag team partnership 'Paaniq' and marks the second release for the newly re-launched Heya Hifi label from the same Northern European town.

Patricio Cabezas and Nicholas Oja's paths first crossed during the autumn 2010 whilst searching their home town for a musical outlet free from rules and restrictions. They promptly formed a 'free zone', aka their recording Studio 'Knaster' in the southern island of Sodermalm and set to work on 'marrying synthesizers and other electronic noise boxes with the organic and multi-dimensional mother earth'.

It was a trip to Berlin that gave the duo the main inspiration behind this collection of recordings and 'a true understanding of healing effects of sub bass therapy' says Nic. Upon returning to Sweden, the pair spent months perfecting their own sound: an aural battle of man falling in love with machine. Precise, mechanical Germanic sounds merging with a Swedish sense of melody - the Swedish Tiger dances with its Führer!

Over this last year Paaniq have occasionally ventured out to add their musical touch via remixes by We Are Enfant Terrible (Last Gang Records), Rasmus Faber (Farplane Records), Katharina Nuttall (Novoton) and the latest 'Human Love' by UK's the Fix. But the prize has always been to release their own work, starting with first Extended Player 'Heads in the Ditch'.