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The Jumpleads - Born To Live With Heartache
7" Vinyl
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The Jumpleads

Born To Live With Heartache

Heavy Handed Productions

Released: 17th March 2008 | 2 track funk single
Stephanie Davies and the Jumpleads were active around time of the millennium but only played a couple of shows, luckily they did manage one recording session, which we where fortunate enough to come across whilst going through some old tapes in the studio. First up, ''Born To Live With Heartache'' is a heavy soul funk dancer. The Jumpleads deliver a tight & balanced performance but this track is all about the vocals and it undoubtedly captures Stephanie Davies at her best. The original of this is rare as hens teeth (you'd be lucky to get one for £300) so bag yourself a great version limited to only 500 copies which will no doubt become a collectors item in its own right. ''Rock Me Again'' is a relentlessly pounding track that drives forward and takes no prisoners. The band is tight with the wah wah guitar and drums right at forefront and the horns coming in & out to create an extremely full & beefy sound. Top this off with another outstanding vocal delivery and you've got a certified winner.