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The Canyons - The Lovemore EP
12" Vinyl
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The Canyons

The Lovemore EP

Hole In The Sky

Released: 5th May 2008 | 4 track acid house ep
The second release from Hole in the Sky, tagged as 'label to watch in '08' by The Fader Magazine is Canyons debut, 'The Lovemore EP'. Canyons have rapidly been drawing attention from around the globe for their unique blend of balearic soul/dub/disco, Canyons use propelling disco backbeat to go off in all sorts of weird directions, accenting their songs with train whistles and wind chimes making everything sound totally organic SHS - The Fader. Canyons' music is relevant to the current climate in dance music, whilst transgressing 'fashion' music. Canyons have been likened to Rub 'n' Tug and are currently working on their highly anticipated full-length album.
"Apples & Pears(1) off Canyons' new EP is one of the best tracks of 2008. Whew... I've been holding that in for a month, feels good to finally say it"
Chris Lemon-Red, Turntablelab
"They use the repetitive and propelling disco backbeat to go off in all sorts of weird directions, accenting songs with whistles and wind chimes and making everything sound totally organic."
Sam Hockley Smith, The Fader
"a slow-mo-disco four tracker of sure fire Balearic belters. Check 'Apples & Pears', (it's got to be my favourite track of the year so far). Think Rub'n Tug meets Yacht Rock with a touch of Aussie attitude!"
Mellow Johnny, Nearest Faraway Place
"Ones to keep an eye out for. They share The Avalanches cut-and-paste attitude but rather than going down the hip-hop route, Canyons prefer a more soulful, discoid approach, with elements of jackin' Chicago house thrown in for good measure. They call it 'pineapple club music', whatever the hell that is, but I know I'm hungry for more."
James, Yer Mam!
"Great dancefloor material that doesn't bash you over the head, more like just sneaks its way up into your system. I would expect to hear Kenny Dope playing this on a sailboat off the coast of Crete. And it's unbelievably catchy at that."
Cosmo Baker, The Rub, NYC