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Tame Impala - Tame Impala
12" Vinyl
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Tame Impala

Tame Impala

Hole In The Sky

Released: 28th July 2008 | 6 track ep
Hole in the Sky is proud to present hollow-boned, introspective sun children, Tame Impala. I heard a demo by Kevin Parker which was recorded in his bedroom, thought it was incredible - talked him into the idea of the remixes and the concept of the 12, Original's on the A, remixes on the B. After the Sun remix was finished we both could see it'd be a special record and unique way for a rock n roll bands music to be released to a broader audience. Turns out to be have been a great thing for T.I as they've now signed with Modular and are doing music full time with a fanbase expanding rapidly every day' Ryan Grieve (H.I.T.S/The Canyons) This is what music is all about. This three piece stirs an excitement that is inescapable and relentless. Tame Impala make psychedelic, soul rock music using fuzzed out guitars, dirty bass and phased drums, contrasted with sublime, melodic vocals that results in a sound that has EVERYBODY asking, who is this band and where did they come from? Produced and remixed by Fred Cherry and Canyons makes this record even more interesting. The B side remixes take the current disco/cosmic movement into a new, perfectly matched direction that seems completely natural, yet is so original. The recording and production has a warm, garage-like glow that is rarely recreated so authentically today. From dance music producers, to acid rock heads, to your mum and dad; this record is one for people who really and truly love MUSIC. Limited Vinyl - Original Tracks Only Available On Vinyl.
"This is the kind of release I love. When 60's rock and modern dance culture blend so well you can't help but party down. "
Justin Miller, DFA Records