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Jacques Renault - Favicon
12" Vinyl
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Jacques Renault


Hole In The Sky

Released: 30th November 2009 | 4 track liquid funk ep
All tracks are great! Will definately play it... Pianos on the Beach is amazing. - Robin (David Gilmour Girls) Yeah, as I said, I think it's your best edit 12 so far. The choice of tracks is great, Pianos on the Beach is the kind jam you'd like to hear on a dancefloor late at night, I guess this could have been played by Francis Grosso or Mancuso. Same for Look At You, fantastic track, very emotionnal, whis has something of an anthem. Keep on sending me such a thing. (btw, I'm a fan of Canyon's label, great stuffs) -Cosmo Vitelli this is the kind of release that makes me excited to dj again...and again. There's something here for the beginning, middle, and end of a great night. -Alex Frankel (Holy Ghost!) Loving that piano jam mister renault - perfect to drop just when you have 'em where you want 'em towards the end! -jim stanton (horse meat disco) nice one jacques, sounding good man! -Mark E Mr. Renault is on a roll!!!!! Seeing as everyone and their mother is doing edits these days, it comes as no surprise than the man takes it to the proverbial next level with this EP. -My Cousin Roy (Wurst Music) Love these - more great edits from Jacques. Have been playing them out with great results! -Prince Language