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Promise Land - Recall
7" Vinyl
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Promise Land


Hole In The Sky

Released: 20th January 2014 | 2 track progressive/tribal house single

Johann Rashid and Paul Harmon come together to create 'Promise Land'. A sound as difficult to define as the title - is it from a land promised to us, or a land of promises (made, kept or broken)? It's hanging from the roof; dancing; chanting; running like pulsing hangovers made comfortable by a swim in the ocean. 'Promise Land' moves at a strange pace.

RECALL is the debut track, reflecting on modern day ritual. It's a good old fashioned fusion. From his journey through playing in a bunch of noisy bands, Rashid met Harmon at the disco and made this song.

"The ghost of king tubby tinkles the ivories to menacing effect"
Phil South, Golf Chanel, No Ordinary Monkey
"I was convinced Hey Convict! uncovered an 80s Aussie wave oddity when they introduced me to this ghostly punker from their 'Milk Beach Settlers' mix. Not the only time I've been fooled by Johann Rashid (vocalist), the one man enigma who used to smash fake glass bottles over his skull on stage. Canyons' remix brews tension, putting Recall under a spell and leading it outback for the ritual beheading."
Noise In My Head, Noise In My Head
"We heard this and freaked! Wavey, weird, excellent"
Canyons, HITS, Modular, DFA