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Nightwave - Nightlife



Heka Trax

Released: 1st December 2014 | 6 track house ep

Following April's 'Hit It' EP with Ghetto-tech legend DJ DEEON, Nightwave is seeing out the year with a more-melodic-than-usual collection of bangers inspired by the sounds of UK, Detroit and Chicago.

Lead tune 'Nightlife' sees Maya return to the melodic techno vibe she left with her 2011 Unknown To The Unknown EP, drawing influences from labels like Roule and UR, adding a few trademark kicks and shimmering synths to refit the feel to our own hyperactive age.

Tune 2 'Kiss Kat' is back in Nightwave's ghetto-tech kill zone, with a feature from Ashnikko,-a bad girl soundtrack with an empowered no bullshit message whist 'Birdland' is an homage to jazzy Detroit electro reminiscent of Mr De' and Kenny Larkin with dusty Rhodes chords and hard-hitting juke-tempo drums.

'Shut It Down' features TT The Artist, a prolific rapper from Baltimore who has released on Mad Decent, worked with Diplo, not to mention being sampled by J-Lo on 'Booty'. Nightwave flies back to the UK now to connect with a grime instrumental swing on this one for an after-dark heater.

"LOVE the Birdland tune also the Nightlife track"
Moxie, BBC Radio One
"Kiss Kat is fucking amazing!!!"
DJ Haus, UTTU, NTS Radio
"The EP I've been waiting for, will def be playing Nightlife 10/10"
Altered Natives, Eye4Eye, Hoya Hoya
"By far and away my Favourite Nightwave EP so far, Nightlife is a stone-cold future classic, next level biz. YES!"
Bodyjack, Ultramajic, UTTU
"Very slick production as per! The vocal tracks are my favourite. Will definitely be playing Shut it Down in my sets - it's huge."
S-type, LuckyMe
"kiss kat gives me proper golden era ghettotech vibes! nice, feeling nightlife too"
Teki Latex, Sound Pellegrino
"Mad range of (great) ideas on one record yet it really works. Nightlife is probs most playable out for me...Massive congratulations. Jonnie"
Jonnie Wilkes, Optimo
"Thank you so much for sending - it's DOPE!! Absolutely love it :)"
Mark Archer, Altern-8
"Love Kiss Kat and will support the whole thing!"
Feadz, Ed Banger
"Love this, has a Paul Johnson/Roule vibe! Wicked!!!"
Mark Broom, Warp, R&S, Soma