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Tree Trunks - Big Rush

Tree Trunks

Big Rush

Heka Trax

Released: 12th May 2017 | 6 track electropop ep

Tree Trunks are Robert Hunter, Sam Lewis and Rozi Leyden. They met as musicians in part of a wider scene of lo-fi pop bands whilst Robert and Sam played as part of Rozi's successful solo band, Rozi Plain. Robert also played drums for Francois and the Scottish electronic pop act Babe.

Two years ago Robert and Sam came together to try their hand at electronic music, inspired by the likes of Prince, Arthur Russell as well as Jessy Lanza, Jai Paul and Hot Chip. they brought Rozi on board to help with vocals and lyrics tied the project together, and Tree Trunks was born. 'Big Rush EP' was recorded and mixed in various bedrooms across London and Nico Marcel (of Electrelane) was brought it to help master the songs.

On remix duties are rising Scottish house producer Big Miz (DABJ) and Heka Trax boss Nightwave who provides a celestial jungle inspired version. Tree Trunks explore the line where 80s pop meets modern electronica; a world of dark dancefloors and ethereal romance, where relationships fall apart and reform, and one song can turn everything around.