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Andras Fox - Erskine Falls
12" Vinyl
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Andras Fox

Erskine Falls

Home Loan Records

Released: 8th July 2013 | 4 track ambient house ep

Peel back the leaves and discover Erskine Falls, an exotic paradise of flotation tank funk and ethno Groove with a capital G. Produced by Melbourne's Andras Fox, the 4-track EP follows an instant sell-out on Dopeness Galore and captures the RBMA graduate's contagious bounce and optimistic minimal melodies. Based around the TR-606 and digital Korg M1 drums, these original tape recordings are simultaneously contemporary in sound and difficult to carbon date, slipping comfortably between 80s Bruton Music, Rheji Burrell and Dam Funk. Dunk your head in and chill.