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Zanzibar Chanel - Drunk at the Jazz Club
12" Vinyl
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Zanzibar Chanel

Drunk at the Jazz Club

Home Loan Records

Released: 22nd September 2014 | 4 track funky house ep

The second chapter for bizarro group Zanzibar Chanel, the yin-yang collaboration of agitated force Zac Segbedzi aka Imhotep and cooled out Louis CL.

Raw nrg captured on the fly in Melbourne, these DIY productions reflect their dynamic equilibrium. Drunk At The Jazz Club lays down some lo-tech disco with submerged symphonic keys while Donald Duck invades the elevating Chicago melodies of Flying High. The other two cuts are the nasty shit - the squelching demented valentine One Question and Mustn't Evolve's pure evil extraterrestrial funk (shout outs to Dungeon Master Possee). The first 500 copies of this release include a limited edition newspaper poster print. Art work by Zac Segbedzi.