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Funkanala - Be There Tomorrow Parts 1 & 2
12" Vinyl
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Be There Tomorrow Parts 1 & 2

Here And Now Recordings

Released: 12th October 2009 | 2 track funk single
Here And Now Recordings 2nd release. The only way to get Be There Tomorrow Parts 1 & 2 as one track plus the Bugz In The Attic sounding Boston Rodriguez Afro Boogie remix of Babakar on the flip. The 12 received great dj response from Patrick Forge (Da Lata), Seiji from Bugz In The Attic, Tom Wieland from Les Gammas, Michael Rutten. Hugo Mendez from Sofrito, Mark Spiritual South plus many more. Afrobeat with female vocal chorus in Wolof, Senegalese. And on the b-side: an afro broken beats and boogie remix of Babakar again with chants in Wolof!