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Dirg Gerner - Preface EP

Dirg Gerner

Preface EP

ho_tep records

Released: 28th November 2011 | Genre: House
01: Rubies & Diamonds (03:57)
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02: Attempting Cry (04:07)
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03: My Queen (03:33)
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04: Loose Lights (05:48)
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05: Rubies & Diamonds (Flako Remix) (04:48)
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Brand new project launching on Ho Tep records from the mysterious Dirg Gerner which features the incredible talents of Rahel, Fatima and Olmino. Drawing on soul, jazz, latin, hip hop and beyond the EP is a deep and colorfully layered affair, organic and warm, it displays an array of instruments and styles. Like a handcrafted sculpture, it's roots float in antiquity, classy and progressive whilst eternally indebted to the greats that came before. Lead track 'My Queen' is a dusty and delicate, blue eyed soul ode, sung by the man himself, whilst Loose Lights draws on Latin and folk influences, heavy on the percussion this time enlisting the incredible vocal talents of Rahel. Not to be confused with the flute arrangements, Rahel's faultless and beautiful performance elevates Loose Lights to levels far beyond the clouds'€¦.
"gonna start my show tonight, this is sweeeeeeeeeet i love it"
Marcus Nasty, Rinse FM
"soft curves and waves violet majestic. i like"
Jimmy Edgar, Nonplus/K7
"Really like this"
Mr Scruff
"This Is Beautiful!"
"Very Dope! Fatima Is killing it!"
J Rocc
"Love this! My Queen is a really strong track - blows a lot of music out of the water in this current climate of vanity over virtusosity."