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Freddy Fresh - Have Record Will Travel
CD Album
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Freddy Fresh

Have Record Will Travel


Released: 20th October 2003 | 15 track album
Howlin? Records the usa/uk vinyl label that has featured records from such heavyweights as Fat Boy Slim, Kool Mo Dee & The Treacherous 3 to Portishead DJ Andy Smith is proud to announce the debut CD album from label chief and music workaholic Freddy Fresh!! This is Freddy's 8th album and features his staple big-beat, funky hip-hop party groove cut & paste mixed with electronica and electro style FUNK! Freddy recently scored 2 top 40 hits in the UK and has produced music for the recent Jackie Chan: The Tuxedo as well as Austin Powers: Goldmember... A very busy man indeed!!! Tie in promotion this fall with Freddy's new book 'Freddy Fresh presents the Rap Records? which is a huge book profiling over 1,000 independent rap labels circa 1979-1988 complete with input from every legendary rap mc/dj you can name Flash, Kool Mo Dee to Q-Bert.. this book will garnish full spreads by magazines from Hip Hop Uk to the Source in the USA to all between.. Freddy will 'push' the new album during this media attention.. Ads in magz such as Urb, XLR8 etc.. not to mention all European magz as the Cd's already planned via Kudos for UK/Europe/Asia Freddy himself will support this during his worldwide DJ gigs and residencies.. having toured over 30 countries Freddy is eager to do more work in the USA Microsoft X Box has already licensed the song 'Orange Krush' from this album and the album has stickers indicating this plus several million X Box game players will be directed to this very album at the end of the video game Freddy has been getting large television ad and Hollywood film attention recently from music producers for DreamWorks, New Line cinema etc.. check the new Michelob ad running all across USA right now as proof from Freddys last years album.. (not to mention the American Express ad)' These very agencies are EAGER to hear this new album and we are confident that we will get ads for this which again will point consumers towards this album Finally Freddy has had the following recent albums sold in USA (although originally UK albums) Freddy Fresh Presents B Boy Stance STRUT UK Freddy Fresh: Watch That Sound: Millineum UK Freddy Fresh: Music For Swingers USA'
"..the warped bass of 'Smokin' , the electro-tech wobble of 'Patterns' and his body-rocking remix of Man Parrish's Boogie Down Bronx' that show whst floor Freddy's dancing on now..its damn friggin' good"
Ben Edwards, DJ Magazine