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Shock Defeat - Olympic Village
7" Vinyl
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Shock Defeat

Olympic Village

Hot Pockets

Released: 21st December 2009 | 2 track pop single
The second release on the Slutty Fringe affiliated label Hot Pockets comes from hotly tipped punk-funk young soul rebels Shock Defeat! quickly signed after a cowbell destroying performance at 93 Feet East in East London. Laying somewhere between the likes of Talking Heads, Can and Jonathan Richman and modern day disco punks such as The Rapture and !!!, the Olympic Village EP is that joyous thing, the sound of a band still in love with making music and more ideas than they quite know what to do with. Who best to hear about the tracks from than the band themselves, over to Nic Carter (Guitar/vocals): Brute Economics - Despite the word 'Economics' in the title, and the mention of a 'Blackberry charger in my sock draw', I wrote the lyrics a couple of years ago, before the bankers became national hate figures. It's more about playground justice, fear of youth.... a boy at my school took revenge upon the Home Economics teacher Mrs Barber, by writing 'Fuck Barber' in dog shit across the windscreen of her car. What Happens In This Room Stays In This Room - I'd wanted to write a song that mentioned racing drivers from the 80s, and all of us singing on it. It's not really about anything in particular, but it pumps along pretty well. 7 contains free download code to download the full 5 track EP! The video for Brute Economics was animated by James Lowne, who also made the acclaimed video for Mercury Rev's Butterfly Wings. You can check it out here:
"Eccentric and ever-so-slightly mad - essential artrock"
"I only like 1 Band in the whole of London and it is you"
Felix, Hot Chip
"Impossible to define, and that’s where the magic lies. At one point I’m thinking Mark E Smith, then Joy Division closely followed by the Cure, all trapped together within some infectious angular guitar work. Shock Defeat! are the musical interpretation of a multiple personality disorder"
El Diablo fanzine
"Combines the best bits of the past decade of indie rock and gives it a makeover. This is Franz Ferdinand or Talking Heads being covered by Sebadoh"
Maps Magazine