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Shock Defeat - Olympic Village

Shock Defeat

Olympic Village

Hot Pockets

Released: 21st December 2009 | 5 track indie pop ep
Having given this running a record label business a go and found it much to our liking, our thoughts turned to the next release. After pretty much no deliberation it was decided by unanimous vote that it would have to be our favourite punk-funk young soul rebels Shock Defeat! One of my favourite live bands from the past few years London based 5 piece Shock Defeat! make an almighty racket on stage, a mess of flailing limbs, wrecked guitars and destroyed cowbells that lies somewhere between the likes of Talking Heads, Can and Jonathan Richman and modern day disco punks such as The Rapture and !!!. Thankfully the band didn't use their studio time to bother exploring any latent desires to create a prog rock-opera opus, and instead over five 3 minute rounds have perfectly captured the sound of a band with more ideas than they quite know what to do with. We asked singer and guitarist Nic Carter to explain what's what… Brute Economics - Despite the word Economics in the title, and the mention of a Blackberry charger in my sock draw, I wrote the lyrics a couple of years ago, before the bankers became national hate figures. It's more about playground justice, fear of youth.... a boy at my school took revenge upon the Home Economics teacher Mrs Barber, by writing Fuck Barber in dog shit across the windscreen of her car. What Happens In This Room Stays In This Room - I'd wanted to write a song that mentioned racing drivers from the 80s, and all of us singing on it. It's not really about anything in particular, but it pumps along pretty well. Blonde Wood* - An attempt to do something a bit epic at the end, with drum rolls. The only song of ours with wah-wah guitar on it The Diplomat* - Named after a chocolate from the Quality Street selection. Lyrically it's a very tame version of Prince - I'm a consistent lover. Musically it's Steely Dan meets the cheesy end of Talking Heads. Olympic Village* - This is a story about a who guy in Hackney Wick inviting the Russian girls gymnastics team to stay in his giant live/work warehouse space.The vocals from the first verse are based on Holger Czukay's Cool In the Pool. It was this kind of old man in a disco wearing polyester shirt vibe that I was going for. The video for Brute Economics, that has already featured on was animated by James Lowne, who also made the acclaimed video for Mercury Rev's Butterfly Wings. You can check it out here: