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Savages & Unifairfly - Blow Up Your Box / Mean Streets
7" Vinyl
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Savages & Unifairfly

Blow Up Your Box / Mean Streets

Hero Records

Released: 28th February 2011 | 2 track beats & breaks single
Hero Records return after their last offering from Hero No.7 and Mash & Munkee, this time slowing the pace for a downtempo funky hip hop double-sider from Savages & Unifairfly. Savages, aka Nandor Kurtossy from Hungary, is a 28 year old producer who released his debut album Five Finger Discount on Chameleon Records in late 2008 to great response from all over the globe. Unifairfly, aka David Hanke, is a 32 year old producer from Germany who started out with a local radio show and then begun to produce hip hop-flavoured funk tunes as one half of Mash & Munkee and dancefloor jazz tracks under his other solo moniker Renegades of Jazz on Smoove's Wass Records. After getting in touch for a remix, Nandor and David discovered similar tastes for producing funk, soul and jazz influenced hip hop tunes and a shared love for the sound of labels like Puma Strut, 7 Hills and Breakin' Bread which in turn lead to the duo collaborating on the pair of deep down and dirty funk tracks you'll find on this release. The a-side Blow Up Your Box features funky bass and drums breaks and catchy hip hop vocal samples and is dedicated to all B-Boys and B-Girls. The flipside track Mean Streets is a funk-filled cinematic, gangster hip hop tune inspired by the film of the same name. Two tracks of funk for your feet, that will appeal to lovers of funk, hip hop and breaks who like to get down and dirty. smoulders with quality ... give 'em a listen and you'll find yourself taken on a chilled funky breakbeat ride
"Am feeling “Blow Up Your Box” & “Keeping It Real (Mash & Munkee Remix)”. In the box they go, nice one!"
Lack Of Afro
"smoulders with quality … give ‘em a listen and you’ll find yourself taken on a chilled funky breakbeat ride"
"Tracks are crackin!"
Ally McCrae - BBC Radio 1
"Quality, chunky, jazzy breakbeats, love it!"
Pete Isaac - Jelly Jazz
"Hero Records is back with a bang. So much music I can actually play in the club. They’re keepin the funk alive."
Fly-T - Capitol 1212