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Haunted by Hallucinations - Haunted by Hallucinations

Haunted by Hallucinations

Haunted by Hallucinations

Herakles Records

Released: 1st February 2014 | 9 track stoner rock album

Petri Toikkanen, also known as Pete, was born in 1978, and raised in Espoo's Matinkylä, Finland, has been said to be a genius. His elusiveness may be said to be one of the trappings of hyper – intelligence although it might be determined otherwise. Listening to LP, one may come to appreciate the artist and his vision. Although the project attributes the composition work of the band mates, Könönen & Oskari it seems that the band is most heavily driven by Toikkanen, himself. The track Winter expresses the full brutality of the long Finnish winters that begin in the darkness of November and lingers till the final remnants of snow melt slowly in May. Tracks like Haunting do as the title describes, both grim & melodic, these tracks are the pillars of the album Haunted By Hallucinations while the other tracks serve as lintel beams, creating it's own genre with full competence.