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Rory More - Ladies In London/The Happy Lowrey
7" Vinyl
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Rory More

Ladies In London/The Happy Lowrey

Sudden Hunger Records

Released: 23rd May 2011 | 2 track vintage lounge single
The UK capital's favourite electric organist Rory More returns with the swinging curio, Ladies in London. An upbeat mix of bongos, shakers, flute and female phonation orbits Rory More's magnetic world of way-out organ. Not since the days of the sixties and early seventies has the Brit organ combo sounded this fresh. Elements of library recordings, vintage Brazil and ad-land jingles meet for a stranger, groovier world. On the flip is The Happy Lowrey – a visceral, no-nonsense, live spark-jiver by way of a full-on organ 'n vibraphone rollercoaster work out, swung in a style that recalls the dustier days of rhythm and groove, all courtesy of Mr More's downright heavy duty, primeval Lowrey Heritage organ.