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Dutch Rhythm Combo - Bonaire Remixes
12" Vinyl
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Dutch Rhythm Combo

Bonaire Remixes

Highscore Publishing

Released: 1st October 2007 | 2 track single
Bonaire was originally released on the Antilles EP on Pulver Records in 2004. Featured on the BSide of the EP, the track didn't receive an instant spotlight recognition. But slowly, Bonaire grew into a secret club hit. Its piano chords, a funky electro beat, beautiful guitar licks and the irresistible horns of Fat Freddy's Drop horn section created a timeless boogie track, that those in the know would praise and play. The Blackjoy remix of Bonaire came into being when Felix heard Blackjoys Moustache track on Yellow and was impressed by the song's live feeling, arrangement and sound aesthetic. He heard sonic relations to his own track and asked Blackjoy to remix Bonaire. Employing four live musicians, Blackjoy created a live interpretation, which barely resembles the orginal, yet kept the special atmosphere of Bonaire.