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James Allsopp Quartet - I'm a Fool to Love You
Vinyl LP
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James Allsopp Quartet

I'm a Fool to Love You

Impossible Ark

Released: 16th February 2018 | 8 track cool/west coast jazz album

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Chris Edwards A moment of silence to respect the level of musicianship here. These guys really know how to talk to each other. Every topic in the album is maturely discussed. A group as tight-knit as this hasn't been heard since the 50's. Allsopp has a very specific sound that is solid like Getz and yet delicate like Desmond; a sound I can't put my finger on. The only way to put it is that he sounds like James Allsopp. I had no choice but to get the LP, where it has earned its spot here in Cali next to Baker, Mulligan, Pepper, and all alike. You'd be a fool to go on without it. A toast.Favorite track: My One And Only Love.

John Greenwood
James Allsopp Quartet, synonymous with great jazz, musicianship, and attention to every detail. This has an obvious old school flavor without sounding old. The vinyl is excellent. If you appreciate and enjoy a really well recorded jazz album treat yourself. It delivers, top shelf in every way. The color and tone is warm and rich on the vinyl edition. Get it if you still can.Favorite track: My One And Only Love.