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Hugo Race Fatalists - We Never Had Control
Vinyl LP
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Hugo Race Fatalists

We Never Had Control

Gusstaff Records

Released: 3rd December 2012 | 8 track adult alternative album

The Vinyl Version contains download-code & coloured vinyl.

Hugo Race Fatalists is the collaboration between Australian singer songwriter producer Hugo Race and the Italian instrumental band Sacri Cuori.

Previous album 'Fatalists' ****4 Star review in Uncut, Feb 2011 hailed in international press as a 'masterpiece...;'

Beautiful, brutal, primitive and transcendent, the new album from Hugo Race and his Fatalist collaborators Antonio Gramentieri and Diego Sapignoli is both dark and uplifting. Acoustic instruments and subtle electronica fused with Race's deep voice and songwriting trace the scars of experience and sacrifice, set against unique soundscapes merging folk, experimentalism, electronica and rock. Hugo Race Fatalists are joined by violinists Vicki Brown and Catherine Graindorge, synthesist Franco Naddei and contrabassist Francesco Giampaoli.

Hugo Race is an internationally acclaimed Australian singer, songwriter and producer. A founding member of Nick Cave's Bad Seeds and the seminal Australian 80s cult band The Wreckery, Hugo has toured internationally and collaborated with artists from Melbourne, Rome, Berlin, London, Tucson, Austin, Brussels, Warsaw, Bamako, LA, New York, Sao Paolo and beyond. Hugo's True Spirit collective have produced 14 Hugo Race & True Spirit albums while Hugo's various other collaborations span another ten or more albums spread over several continents including Dirtmusic (their 'BKO' album, recorded in Mali, Africa, a cross-cultural collaboration with the Malian Tuareg group Tamikrest, cited as one of the best albums of 2010), the French-American band Lilium, the Brazilian project Moses Complex, the UK-based Pantaleimon, Rogall's Electric Circus Sideshow, Sepiatone, the European 'supergroup' Songs With Other Strangers and the Italian multimedia project Merola Matrix. In 2009, Hugo's album 'Between Hemispheres' (released by Polish independent Gusstaff Records), a mix of African instruments and edgy electronica, received rave reviews globally. Hugo's most recent album is 'No But Its True', a solo collection of cover versions on the theme of love recorded in haunting, minimalist style, released in 2012 by Viceversa / Rough Velvet Records.

See the video for Hugo's I'm On Fire at:

In 2010, the debut album Hugo Race Fatalists, released in Australia by Other Tongues and in Europe by Gusstaff/Interbang Records, was hailed in the international music press...