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12" Vinyl
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Released: 15th May 2006 | 2 track single
Jhelisa is back! First tune on the upcoming 12' is Freedoms Land in a remix version from SWELL SESSION. Another pure anthem from the Gonkyburg wonderkid! Channelling a slice of classic New Orleans Piano rippin? tradition is the original tune based on traditional foot stompin? rhythm that Jhelisa heard growing up in the African American church music culture. Swell Session add some mo´ beats to it and now it turns out to be an express Amtrack train from the south to the north of the states. Honouring the traditional civil rights movement anthem 'Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around.' You will find your body shaking from the first 8 bars. UK based Ray Mangs from BLOCK 16 fame and also a co-producer on Jhelisa´s album extended Walking on Air a kind of Latin voodoo track. Watch your feet! This one is based on an Orleans native son Terence Higgins and the African Latin New Orleans rhythms. Huge 12''