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Nekta - Water The Flowers
CD Album
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Water The Flowers


Released: 12th June 2006 | 13 track album
Nekta are vocalist Nathalie Schäfer and producer Gyso Hilger. They have been friends since the days of their early childhood, affiliated by their love for beautiful music. Patience, sensitiveness, passion for details and the love for the music led to the album holding thirteen catchy tunes. Four years of work were worthwile. While the Darmstadt based producer Gyso concentrated on nightlong recording session, browsing through a vast amont of records and frickeling at the computer, professional singer Nathalie created lovely and sophisticated melodies for her vocals. Nekta's choice of samples, showing their sense of style, in combination with keyboards, bass, guitar and supported by the soloists Volker Dengelmann and Moritz Mainuzsch shape the album's vivid and organic character. 'History is pearshaped' impresses by its intuitive melody patterns, string samples and multilayered rhythms and guides to the album's prevailing mood. 'If that's all' shows Gyso Hilger's qualities as a songwriter, as 'For a while' surprises by its hypnotic electro esthetics. In 'Water the flowers' the wafting synthesizer sounds play around trumpet and Rhodes piano. The blossoms close gently and placid to the sounds of 'Granted', making you wish they would open again. And Nekta is a great live act too!'