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Mop Mop - Ritual Of The Savage
CD Album
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Mop Mop

Ritual Of The Savage


Released: 30th August 2010 | 12 track leftfield/idm album
After the highly acclaimed 'Kiss Of Kali' MOP MOP are back with Ritual Of The Savage, the third studio album, written, arranged and produced by ANDREA BENINI 'Ritual Of The Savage' contains twelve tracks of pure hypnotic Jazz, spiritual flavours, exotic Funk and Soul music influenced by Latin and African beats. Collaborations in the album include the amazing UK vocalist MISS BABY SOL (backing vocals for the likes of AMY WINEHOUSE, JOSS STONE, PALOMA FAITH, NATE JAMES), veteran Jazz crooner ALAN FARRINGTON, Down Beat critics poll winner GIANLUCA PETRELLA on trombone, the Italian vibraphone Star PASQUALE MIRRA, the Voodoo sound of GUGLIELMO PAGNOZZI on clarinette and alto sax, percussionist DANILO MINEO and ANDREA BENINI'S co-writer and arranger ALEX TREBO on piano and keyboards. Ritual Of The Savage is an album with the philosophy of a soundtrack where the main character is a modern Savage who is searching for a perfect land where music is the only law. He starts his journey after The Return Of The King, the album's opening track, going to an unknown Destination where Jazz meets Funk. Will the Savage be able to reach his goal? Nobody knows. But as the last album's track Aria suggests he will land in a space where everything is harmonious. The result is surely mindblowing with a flowing tracklist which sequels as if to tell a story. This album is made for the selective and open minded music heads and dj's; vintage elements are mixed through a modern way of production and beats are generated by acoustic drums and analog drum machines. Ritual Of The Savage try to give a personal representation of Black Music through the Italian Flavour that MOP MOP have created with their music bringing the listeners to unexpected music solutions. As ANDREA BENINI suggests on Ritual Of The Savages lyrics: '...Step back, burn all your money, give up to your power silks and chase real pleasure'