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Brian Chase & Angus Tarnawsky - Live At Secret Project Robot
7" Vinyl

Brian Chase & Angus Tarnawsky

Live At Secret Project Robot

In Context Music

Released: 22nd June 2018 | 2 track experimental ep

This recording documents the progression of Brian Chase and Angus Tarnawsky's ongoing duet, showcasing their vision of an electrified-drumkit. In a physical sense, they use a drumkit wired with receivers and microphones, feeding the raw sound through external effects processors and devices such as samplers, all parts of which are capable of being controlled and manipulated in real-time.

For Brian and Angus, electrifying the drumkit allows a transition from simply improvising with rhythm, to composing entirely new sonic worlds and subsequently inhabiting them within a performance. Once the audio from Brian's kit goes into the electronics of Angus' set-up, the sound is transformed, becoming an entirely new entity. This in turn influences Brian's playing, and the process continues as new music is produced through this method of continual unfolding. Beats layer on top of beats, textures atop textures, tones on tones. Constructed entirely from the multi-channel recording of an improvised live set, the two tracks for this release were edited and shape-shifted by the duo in post-production, further blurring the line between stage and studio.

A strictly limited edition release, each of the of 25 copies has been hand cut at 33 1/3 rpm on transparent polycarbonate plastic using a Presto 6N lathe from the 1940s and is accompanied with a printed transparent insert, housed in a custom PVC sleeve.

Brian Chase is a drummer and composer based in Brooklyn. Widely known as a member of the rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, his diverse creative output encompasses multiple projects in the New York music scene, including Drums & Drones, an electro-acoustic project focusing on the application of just intonation to drums and percussion.

Angus Tarnawsky is a sound-artist and experimental musician living in Toronto. Interested in altering perceptions and perspectives of environment through sound, his work frequently explores interactions between acoustic and electronic sources, utilizing analog feedback systems and modular synthesis.