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Kowton - She Don't Jack


She Don't Jack

Idle Hands

Released: 24th January 2011 | 2 track techno single

Taking the low end tradition of Bristol music and marrying it to a murky, swung 4/4 aesthetic, Kowton returns to Idle after the claustrophobic paranoia of his 'Basic Music Knowledge' / 'Hunger' set. These two fresh slabs of rhythm explore yet more dancefloor spaces while retaining that quintessential Kowton darkness.

'She Don't Jack' creeps into life with industrial textures before crisp, rigid claps and shuffled hits skip energetically around a bassline malevolent in its simplicity. Cool and assured in its execution, whoever She might be, her resistance to the jack on this track will more than likely end up being futile.

'Drunk On Sunday' works drum machine grooves from the off, heading down a stripped-bare corridor of pitch-black house. Fearsome bass swells enter the mix while metallic hits bolster the percussion. The effect is like 1980s Chicago colliding with Detroit as depicted in Robocop.