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Outboxx - Outboxx



Idle Hands

Released: 2nd June 2014 | 9 track deep house album

It's been exciting to watch Outboxx take shape over the last few years, chasing their vision for a more meaningful kind of deep house music via Jake's intense attention to detail, Matt's way with the keys and Naomi's arresting voice.

It's been a steady progression, reaching out to select labels but keeping things largely close to home on Idle Hands and BRSTL. They make perfect sense as a Bristol act, but not because of an externally idealised vision of a Bristol house music scene, but more because their music taps into the same spirit of adventure and soulfulness that has always characterised the most treasured of all music from the city. Like many before them, Outboxx have a gift for capturing emotion and anchoring it with just the right amount of rudeness.

It feels like the right time then for an album from the pair, and upon listening to it you can instantly hear why. Afforded the space of a long player, Jake and Matt's ideas flourish, both more refined and wilder in the same instance. The tempos move from lo-fi downtempo skit to pumped up house, via haunted minimal techno and snappy garage, and yet the shifts seem barely noticeable between the cohesive sound that they have formed.Most importantly, it's a record that sounds completely out on its own, marrying together disparate sounds and rhythms and making them sound natural. It's a great testament to how far Outboxx have come in short space of time, and an equally exciting pointer to what might come in the future.