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Idle Hands

Released: 31st July 2015 | 8 track ambient dub album

Idle Hands has been broadening its reach both sonically and geographically this year, turning to ambient electronic dub with Portland's Strategy, atmospheric broken beat with London-based Leif and stripped down house with German producer Matt Karmil. This latest EP brings the focus back to Bristol with O$VMV$M, the latest project to emerge from the Young Echo milieu. Comprised of Neek (commonly found bashing out grime and steppers alongside Kahn) and Amos Childs (of Jabu and Zhou amongst others), the eight track release marks a step into even more experimental territory for Idle Hands while retaining the principles of soundsystem pressure that form a backdrop to the label's activities. The brief vignettes on IDLE026 are the result of sample scouring from all kinds of unlikely sources, following the practice Neek and Amos undertook when preparing their first cassette release for No Corner earlier in the year.