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I.A. Bericochea - Wake Up
12" Vinyl
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I.A. Bericochea

Wake Up

Idle Hands

Released: 16th February 2015 | 4 track ambient techno single

Spanish producer I.A. Bericochea has been hiding his talents in the shade for some time now. Idle Hands boss Chris Farrell first came across his productions many moons ago when he released two of the finest 12s on the m_nus label and a superb self released LP 'Sueno'.

In those days his productions quietly asserted themselves as some of the most beguiling in minimal techno. His sparse, avant garde approach to the genre was at odds with the limp bleeps and blips that came to dominate the scene. In the intervening years his output has itself been somewhat minimal... Now Bericochea is back, making his debut for Idle Hands with the 'Wake Up' EP. Simply titled W1-4, here we find Bericochea at his best channeling all that was good about his earlier productions but sounding more vital than ever in an era of overly shiny house and blokey hard techno.