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Leif - Life Through Analogies
12" Vinyl
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Life Through Analogies

Idle Hands

Released: 18th May 2015 | 3 track deep house ep

It gives us great pleasure to welcome London-based producer Leif in to the Idle Hands fold. From his earlier micro house releases alongside Tom Ellis on their Trimsound label through to starting the otherworldly UntilMyHeartStops imprint alongside Tom's brother Joe, he has displayed an innate gift for combining crisp, flexible rhythms with serene, dubby melodic content that sits in a comfortable flux between icy and warm, natural and synthesised, funky and floating. Last year he released his debut album Dinas Oleu on Fear Of Flying to great critical acclaim, while recent outings for Sudden Drop and Ornate have equally documented the latest developments of an artist calmly travelling down a very personal creative path. This release for Idle Hands has been a long time coming, and it finds Leif exploring a more broken rhythmic template compared to his more house-focused fare.