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Parris - Burr
12" Vinyl
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Idle Hands

Released: 15th January 2016 | 2 track dubstep single

The last few years has seen Parris make a name for himself across a number of scenes, to the extent he is just as likely to be found spinning records for Butterz as he is putting records out on Berceuse Heroique.

Here at Idle Hands we first touched base with Parris many moons ago when he bought copies of the first release on his Soundman Chronicles label into our shop. As it is one of our favourite labels we were intrigued to hear what he would come up with as producer himself. Needless to say we were impressed.

Presented here are two tracks that perfectly reflect his sound and our own; A nod to techno here, a weighty bass line there, a love of reverb everywhere and all with a view to being played in dark rooms late at night.

The 12 of 'Burr' and 'Blue' is Idle Hands last release of 2015 and we think it rounds off nicely what has been a great year for the label.