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Bruce - The Trouble with Wilderness
12" Vinyl
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The Trouble with Wilderness

Idle Hands

Released: 29th April 2016 | 3 track house single

Bruce's music has a wide eyed wonder to it that is sadly lacking in many modern electronic productions. This is his first 12 for Idle Hands after noted releases on Hessle Audio and Livity Sound.

Over three tracks he stretches out his unique sound with one track at the dance floor and two that find him in more contemplative mode.

The A side 'The Trouble With Wilderness' is a fresh take on the classic 4/4 template. This being Bruce it packs an emotional punch. The heart wrenching break down sees the track nearly collapse in on itself before resolving. Strong stuff.

The B side contains two ambient house tracks. 'Waves (For Yasmin)' has a subtlety, deepness and deftness of touch all of its own. 'Summers Gotta End Sometime' sounds like one of those come downs where everything is serenely beautiful, before the reality of life kicks in once again.

Another quality release from Idle Hands in 2016 following the acclaimed Matt Karmil LP and Parris 12.