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Lerosa - Subcouture
12" Vinyl
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Idle Hands

Released: 20th January 2017 | 4 track house single

Idle Hands is proud to present our first 12 of 2017 from Lerosa, a four-tracker beamed across the Irish Sea to Bristol.

The 'Subcouture' EP sees the esteemed producer operating at the intersection of dubby electro and deep house, taking in the sub-heavy frequencies Bristol is known for, whilst retaining an agile and sleek simplicity.

'Maryelen' is a tight, yet pastoral electro track where dreamy pads contrast against tough, cutting drum programming.

'Line Bass' is a tumbling and bouncy number, that doffs its cap to reggae disco and features vibrant synths peppering the mix.

'Scruffy' takes on a slower and more playful mood, featuring light licks of acid and off kilter keys.

'Subcouture' is a subtle dubbed out house cut with a hint of shuffle.