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Stefan Krisster - Covenant

Stefan Krisster


In Demand Music

Released: 1st June 2009 | 1 track progressive/tribal house single
STEFAN KRISSTER Born in Eskilstuna Sweden some 50 miles west of Stockholm, Stefan learnt his love of music from his mother... After experimenting from trance to hard electro house he settled for the middle ground which give him the range to go either up beat or down tempo. Nobody told him he was ready he just told himself 'yea I can do this' PRESENT DAY: COVENANT original mix Stefan Krisster hits the ground with a furious pace, this electronic floor thumper is the first of many from the young man. He met Des Mitchell in Norway & handed him a cd and confidently said 'listen to these & if you like you can play them' The cd ended up at IN DEMAND and the rest as they say is in your hands. COVENANT is a piece of electronic dance music designed to shake your floors your speakers & anyone within earshot. Don't play it with kindness just turn it up & watch the response. Look forward to more slices of electronic dance coming from Stefan Krisster & IN DEMAND