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Stefan Krisster - Covenant - Remixes

Stefan Krisster

Covenant - Remixes

In Demand Music

Released: 1st July 2009 | 3 track house single
Now presenting the awesome 'Pro-test' and 'Doc n Fret' Remixes of the deeply driving 'Covenant'... Stefan Krisster hits the ground with a furious pace, this electronic floor thumper is the first of many from the young man. He met Des Mitchell in Norway & handed him a cd and confidently said 'listen to these & if you like you can play them'. The CD ended up at In Demand and the rest as they say is in your hands. Released digitally on 1st June, COVENANT is a piece of electronic dance music designed to shake your floors your speakers & anyone within earshot. Don't play it with kindness just turn it up & watch the response. Look forward to more slices of electronic dance coming from Stefan Krisster & In Demand Music.