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Maxxi & Zeus - American Dreamer / MZ Medley

Maxxi & Zeus

American Dreamer / MZ Medley

International Feel

Released: 13th December 2010 | 2 track ambient single
After their spring adventures into the deep and multi layered universe of soundtracks and head music, Joel and Matt are back with their second International Feel single, the result of a summer long studio session in the heat of Berlin’s Kreuzberg. It’s a Double A Side and first up is the widescreen cinemascape of ‘American Dreamer’. Inspired by their obsession with rugged Americana, it soundtracks the vastness of the plains, the emptiness of the desert and that sense of an eternal slow-motion line on the horizon, unmoving and unblinking, that can only be filled by the largesse of Dennis Hopper and his band of tragic cult heroes. The second track ‘MZ Medley’ takes us back to the heady days of the late 70’s and the pioneering edit culture of Tom Moulton, Walter Gibbons and Francois K. That original reel to reel work led to the early cut n paste disco medleys and whilst the new generation of splice and dicers have yet to reference this particular segment of vinyl culture, when you’re continually searching for the next horizon like Matt & Joel, its no surprise that you’re going to latch on to the rawness and excitement of those original experiments and incorporate that vibe and flow into your own future-proofed productions. There is something wonderful in American Dreamer, with those guitars, its really quite special. - Francois K Love this - genius as expected - can't wait to slam track 2!!! - Jim Stanton, Horsemeat Disco This is so awesome!!! - 20 Jazz Funk Greats Have been playing the medley in our sets LOADS - Soft Rocks Very nice...atmospheric...Superb ! - Severino Panzetta, Horsemeat Disco Very cool, maaaaaan. Diggin' this, esp the medley! - Roy Dank, Wurst Big fan of Joels work loving the cut up ,we are in Brazil so will definitely be playing this for sure full support from faze action. - Simon Faze Action Really like both tracks, but have to highlight the Megamix.. Ace - Humberto, Social Disco Club I always look forward to listening to your new releases. This time is also fantastic - Toshiya Kawasaki, Mule Music This is one incredible release!  Instant classic and a must have on vinyl - ooh and that sleeve art! Great use of Morrison's beautiful poetry...something only Matt & Joel could come up with: simply amazing! - Ronny & Renzo Great release as always. The Medley is amazing!! American Dream is a gorgeous journey! - DJ Rocca.