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Bubble Club - The Goddess (with Quiet Village Remix)

Bubble Club

The Goddess (with Quiet Village Remix)

International Feel

Released: 21st March 2011 | 2 track ambient house single
Bubble Club is Dan Keeling. By any stretch of the imagination he's packed a lot into the past 16 years. Starting out as a club promoter in 1994 in Manchester, he brought over DJs like Juan Atkins and Kenny Larkin, as well as booking UK pioneers like Andrew Weatherall, before moving down to London 4 years later to work as a talent scout for A&M records. This ultimately led to a position as head of A&R at Parlophone before becoming MD at the legendary Island Records. Whilst leaving Island last year to set up a new record label he recorded and launched the Bubble Club project and released 3 singles, including the lauded and sublime Violet Morning Moon, which has gone on to feature in many Best of 2010 lists. The Goddess is his first single for International Feel and continues his journey into deep space production, beautiful uplifting melodies and chunky beats. Backed by a oh so deep and mesmerizing rework from Quiet Village, we are extremely proud to be releasing this record - it ticks all the International Feel boxes and then some and after the 3rd Harvey/Locussolus single in February, it's the perfect way to continue our manifesto for 2011. International Feel releases reinforce our faith on mankinds' survival, I'm not sure if its in this plane, or another one altogether nicer. Oh dear god this is beautiful and utterly awesome. - 20 Jazz Funk Greats Thanks for this great gift. I am already fan of Bubble Club and Quiet Village also, so what can I say of these two together, only that its an amazing piece that bring me back on the real balearic early days and festivals in Ibiza. It's got that spirit all over. It will be always in my record box from now on. - Jose Padilla Thanks for the Goddess, she's a real beauty. Tune of the week on next week's show I reckon. - Chris Coco Soft Rocks say..........good start to the NY guys! - Soft Rocks Loving the Bubble Club release. Super lush - Damon Martin, Discobloodbath Wow! Amazing music here. really loving the original especially. beautiful stuff. - Jimpster Love the original - really nice work!! Big fan of Bubble Club - Mock and Toof 'The Goddess' is beautiful and Quiet Village take it there and then some. - Roy Dank, Wurst Amazing, will love and support. - Pathaan Very nice blissed out Balearic vibes here! Has Summer come early? I will definitely make use of both mixes. - Simon, Faze Action Blimey! Raising the bar yet again...Love this so much, I'm going to be playing it all year :-) Both versions are superb. Nice one. - Max Essa Sounds amazing - love both tracks - Toby Tobias Super dope release. deeeeeeeeeep space!!!!!!!!! - Brendon, Beat Pharmacy Amazing release as always! - DJ Rocca Tremendous stuff, big plays here artwork is f*cking great also. - Coyote