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Gonno - ACDise #2


ACDise #2

International Feel

Released: 12th September 2011 | 5 track techno ep
According to all our journalist friends, we’re a Balearic label and that means anything goes right ? Well in that case, it’s time for something completely different…. to be precise, some Japanese Techno, courtesy of Gonno. A well known house and techno artist in his native country and further a-field, his recent EP’s (‘I Don’t Need Competition’ & ‘WC Succession’) have been receiving support from such luminaries as Josh Wink and Laurent Garnier and indeed, it was on a Mr Garnier mix that we first heard the symphonic acid euphoria of ‘ACDise #2’. Well, actually, Gatto Fritto heard it and suggested we release it and start a new catalogue number as a collaboration between IF and his own label Fritto Morto, so here we are……IFFM 001. With shades of the joyous melodic soundscapes that made those early Orbital tracks connect directly with your soul, ‘ACDise #2’ holds you in a hypnotic malestrom, as the lush, warped strings climb higher and higher, surrounding you with their beauty and intensity, pushing you ever closer to the eye of the storm, before it shatters into the brilliant light of a thousand crystalline pieces. Complete with a stripped down acid-cussive version from our favorite Swedish Techno machines Skudge and another storming remix from Gatto Fritto himself (and a beautiful ambient track ‘Turn to Light’), this is an EP to take you back to those times when the sunrise washed over you in a love drenched field, but its not nostalgia, its too good for that, its……Balearic !