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Dirty Dubsters & Blend Mishkin - Screechy Dan EP (feat. Screechy Dan)

Dirty Dubsters & Blend Mishkin

Screechy Dan EP (feat. Screechy Dan)

Irish Moss Records

Released: 16th January 2012 | 7 track reggae ep
Although rookies on the reggae scene Irish Moss Records are definitely no amateurs. With their first two releases Lyrical Jam and Queens of Reggae they weighed into the ring with the style and swagger of a champion. Now, for the third bout, they are entering the heavyweight division with the legendary dancehall MC, New York's Screechy Dan, ducking and weaving with finesse on the microphone, complete with a host of hard punching remixers in his corner. expect these tunes to bring a TKO to any dance floor. Screechy brings a message of peace, love and unity on Gift of Dub upon a spacious skanking phat bass riddim served up by Dublin's Dirty Dubsters, beware of the style switch up halfway as the Amens are let loose. Run Tingz Cru (ft Blackout Jah) ups the energy and flips the tune into a peak time ragga jump up jungle monster. Athenian Blend Miskin takes over the boards on Uh Huh with deep and heavy vibes, Screechy is in party mode, urging us to get our drink and dance on as the horn section echo off the walls. While Max RubaDub keeps the mood of the original on his snappy mix but whacks the bass bounce factor up to the heights.