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Seafloor - Drift



Infinite Machine

Released: 1st December 2014 | 6 track beats & breaks ep

Matthew Young's 2013-2014 trifecta of EPs on Infinite Machine, Hyperboloid and Astro Nautico have all but cemented the Brooklyn artist's position in the Machinedrum/Om Unit-indebted, hybridized juke/jungle game. His fourth official outing as Seafloor, once again courtesy of us here at IM, is a strong reassertion of his take on the micro-genre – aptly titled Drift, it's a bubbly, drifting affair... daresay a liquid one at times.

Opener and lead track Let Me Go starts things off with a stroboscopic grime/amen A/B structure, that underscores a flurry of interwoven pads and playful bastardization of Yoncé cuts. All I Need sounds akin to a Goldie classic that's opted for aquatic, modern US RnB vox, instead of the usual soul fare. Feelings Gone, again a subtly grime-inflected workout, is the most bellicose of the four originals, showcasing Seafloor's ability to serve up grit if need be. Nothing Is Sacred is a wistful, chilling speed-ballad, wherein the urgency of the drums contrasts with the beautiful surrender of the robotic vocals – think subdued, dreamy old school Current Value.

On the remix tip, Seclusiasis affiliate Warsnare comes out, guns blazing, with a frenetic edit of Let Me Go that ramps up the strobe factor. Gillepsy, on the other hand, turns in a hyperactive, saccharine trapstyle rendition of Feelings Gone.