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Lokane - The Eastway Project


The Eastway Project

Infinite Machine

Released: 28th August 2015 | 4 track rave ep

Londoner Loz Caulton, PKA Lokane, fresh off his Nervous Horizon debut and his breakout Boiler Room performance, delivers his first EP-length offering, courtesy of Infinite Machine.

Titled The Eastway Project, it comprises four no-frills, no-holds-barred club constructions - machinistic grime ballistics are interwoven with myriad Afro-Carribean continua while a clear, vocal-stuttering foundation of Jersey club anchors everything firmly in danceable territory.

This is best exemplified on Shake The Gears, the EP's frontrunner cut, which definitely does NOT twist and warp its vocal samples to spell out dick cancer. Million operates on a similar, if slightly more frenzied praxis.

Eastway Project then swerves smoothly into the murk, with its blend of sublow antics and dancehall ratatat seemingly a blueprient for heyday dubstep's ressurection.

Closer The 5th is an aural manifesto, seemingly blending the entirety of Lokane's predilections in one perfect document of East London clubbing, as if the man is absorbing the limpid variety of his surroundings and emanating it back as music.